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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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takes action to promote the health and action and safety and well-being of those communities. this co- would be a neighborhood like the bayview but just as often take the community as well-defined orders like your lgbt community, our homeless and latino immigrants or our chinese community. addressing their needs and protecting their safety and looking out for they're well being that's what a modern judicious system does. that's y what san francisco will be i'll focus in 2014 and that ladies and gentlemen, is what will make san francisco the safety big city in america. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my staff
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and all my partners from the board of supervisors and you in the community without your help again none of this will work. it's takes a village to make a community safer. i'm proud to be part of this community this is a community where people come together and while sometimes, we maybe very boisterous how we disagree and over minor minor things i know it's funny because people tube we're also professing the shades of difference sometimes are so small we work really hard to distinguish ours inform an outside server we look crazy but in the such a great place to live and raise a family and it
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doesn't matter where your gay or straight or black or white this is a community that wants to work together and for that i'm very blessed to be part of this community and again, i thank you deeply for the support in how you've embraced me from the first day i came here. i want to invite all of you to go downstairs and i encourage you to talk to our men and women and to ask them what they do everyday look at the conditions of their work and the level of work and very, very unfavorable conditions. the safety of this building is in question everyday. in fact, i often is that, you know, we're also one earthquake from being homeless and that's
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not a joke it's true. i have this nightmare that copes me awake having prosecutors working from a tent that will be in front of city hall. thank you so much for your support and please come down stairs and let's talk. (clapping.)
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(clapping.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) hello, i'm luke and i'll translate what my friend justice said. we're exist with other students with bay area french schools in
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welcoming his excellency from the french republic inform san francisco. now may i please present the achieve pro to call charring let (clapping) >> you couldn't have said that better. so french is alive and well in our french american schools and french is in the air with our invite with the french republic of france we're delight to have you here. we're pleased you've brought a delegation i believe the administrators of your government and the elected officials and your ambassadors and advisory. you're in a city of innovation
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and the french have brought so much here today wear in city hall and your host is mayor ed lee who women's to you to this city hall who has a great deal to talk about the french architecture. thank you, mr. president for coming west after your visit in washington, d.c. pr it's n a little in congress so you, you came across the united states to study fast foods but we welcome you here today. and san francisco we hope that not only you learn about all the innovation but i also know you'll see the hospitality and see the french influence and the cultural that's plausible here in 1839 the first immigrants
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came and brought others. there's someone here who knows about the city hall. he's been a supervisor and the mayor of san francisco and now may, i.e., present the great governor gavin newsom >> thank you good to be back. on behalf of governor jerry brown and in a great deal state welcome mr. president, it's an honor to have you here. i was thinking about this all over the world people pickup nations and nations are being torn apart by racism and others things. you think about san francisco and the state of california we're in one of the most diverse regions in the most diverse
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state in america. by and large i think people see us to prosper and i think mr. president, if there's anything you should take away at our best we celebrate diversity and as doctor king talked about we unite around our common things that bind us together. we have entrepreneurial genes we have doers and like our city our state priced itself on the leading cutting-edge. i know you're going to be visiting some of the other great
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cities we think you choose wisely and we're hopefully, you'll take away desired ideas and we look forward to inviting you back. 56 a france >> along with the lieutenant governors there are other and i've brought my secret secretary george shooults. the mayor of the great city your host as a french connection he can sing and went to paris when he was 16 and i'm not sure he tasted the benign with you he's been synin the mayor office. i want to introduce our mayor
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who's gone there with many that folks and mayor i'll go as is advanced team. may i present our mayor of the great city mayor ed lee thank you charlotte. i failed to get casted at the les mis show but i'm pleased to have a chance to welcome our president of the french folks to a san francisco. it's important we meet with our country's oldest ally the french. obviously our country's coordinate on biennial issues and he met that president obama yesterday. i must thank and commend him for
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venturing here to san francisco. i think your stay in our city will make it clear that while washington, d.c. is the united states national capita san francisco is the innovation capital of the world (clapping) mr. president, as home to top technology and creativity would it be fair to say in the world we've seen more and more talent move here attracted by our mixed use and transit originated city but the undying art's and cult. and this influx a has benefited san francisco in numerous ways dr. tb long standing civil changes exchanges. i know from our city paris that
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fransz it committed to remaining attractive and innovative. president al lesson and i had an excellent conversation and we talked about how to encourage growth and encourage notation in all the areas of the economy while making sure our economic success reaches all our citizens. we talked about how to adjust common challenges like housing and education and jobs and affordability. so we want to encourage partnerships within businesses and san francisco and france. but perhaps the greatest ties go beyond the government and businesses those are the bonds of family. since the earliest days of san
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francisco when we were known as yerba buena french men, women, and children left their homes and their ancestors and came here for tuesday night. our city is proud we've been a long term home for many french and frenchmen's. the gold brought in a lot of migration here in the horrifies of france. the french built the fair mount hotel and organized our first fire companies. they built the first railroad in san francisco a steam line to admission delores. french citizens were amongst the first to form the banking institution in our city and
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there are french associates in our city social and religiously and patriotic and philosophical tropic and can trace their beginnings to our city. we've embraced this as cultural and trade for censures and tourism. the most visible influence of fravrns france what can be found in our monument to the city beautiful. it's a movement that was designed by the architect arthur brown who was trained in paris and our city hall was designed. some might say that still isn't
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france greatest influence in san francisco but might be the legacy of french bakers who brought flour do you get during the california gold rush, you know, do you get is a culinary traditions and the most important french companies were founded by french immigrants who recipe shill lives on today, it's the oldest continuing running company. so mr. president, i hope you'll see how much we san franciscans value our french county to our character and the quality of our city. you have a standing invitation to visit whatever you want and
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our doors will be open to you. it's with great honor i hereby present to you the key to the city of san francisco (clapping.) mr. president, >> ladies and gentlemen, i know that in san francisco everybody don't speak in french so i will
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speak in french. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mayor ed lee and san francisco thank you for the warm representation and gavin newsom thank you for your kind words and for the support in france. i would like i to greet mayor
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brown who unfortunately wasn't able to be here because of the circumstances. but >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mr. shooults wants to thank you and pay transcribe to the work he did he's a wonderful man and did steering wheel work and would like to pay transcribe to the work he did over the years.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> in the discussions we had with the ministers of the government he said we need to trust youth but i'd rally we need to trust wisdom. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping) thoogz france was awarded the keys to the city of san francisco. i want to thank you warming for
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the honor you bestowed upon me and the copy of the key i hope that works as well as the first copy of the key >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (laughter). >> but i hope it's a sign of confidence we'll be able to come back to a san francisco and turn the key and open the door.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> san francisco is a city it is dear to all french citizens heart. and when i arrived here i was struck by the button i didn't have this building that reminds us of the hotel in paris. i also when i arrived i was welcomed by the young children singing the french song i was deeply moved >
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> when we hear the name of san francisco it stands for tolerance and maternity and that's why 60 thousand french men and women have chosen to supplement down u adopt in san francisc bay. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> san francisco, california
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this is the place where tomorrow's world is being invented ate a revolution that started here with the new technology and this revolution will have an impact no doubt on the rest of the world. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it is here that in the area of health, energy and new technologies new products are developed and new medicines are intensity and a on what grounds are found and those will change radly the people of the united states but also have people all over the world.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this is precisely we're so proud that more than 3 hundred french companies have chosen to settle down in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and we'll also particularly proud that a third of american investments in france come from this area. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we have a historic ties
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that is true the french have attributed to the creation of city and other french folks create vineyard in this area and now more french meanwhile will settle down here for conversation in the district speeding i hope you'll forgive us for thinking why so many french people want to come and live here is because they think they're in france (laughter)
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> we've got strong cultural diaz ties between paris and san francisco there's a fruitful cooperation that as beautiful infections on expression itching and we've got close ties in the fields of cinema but cult is high on the agenda. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we always have cultural corporation guess the berkley is one example and we are intent on
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enhancing this corporation from students on both sides of the atlantic (clapping.) in california you won't changed the world that's a buff mission
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a very ambitious mission but we understand because we have the same vision for centuries france wanted to change the world we can change the way we deal with health and technology in order to make the world a better place. california and france a match made in haeveng heaven in history and in future (clapping.) again mr. president, thank you for your visit to san francisco you're a wise man and hope you leave our heart here and know that the could he not only not only does it open our buildings but our hearts so, please come back very soon and today, we're
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going to take you to a san francisco french restaurants but we'll have to call out for fast food if you like (laughter) and please join us in the reception if you're people have the timeyou. >> hello san francisco and naomi here with the top 3 places to check auto and this week bring our passport that's about tuesday the holly's food and occur i didn't without worry about long with drum beats and side food is free and the donations will be welcome and
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thursday the asian art museum that's right if you want to see them their run through september and the technicality is 5 bucks you've heard it here first and friday head to lake merced to the family resource center invites you with a show and make friends and joy and a dinner and space it limited so r.s.v.p. it's the weekly buzz gist visit us at san francisco